Thursday, August 1, 2019

I'm sorry, Megyn Kelly, you can not avoid politics: it's your strength and your responsibility in this crazy world.

Politics Day: Continued President Trump's War Against NFL Anthem Protests, Republicans' Failure on Health Care, New Travel Ban, North Korean Belligerent Smarties Elections will arrive in Alabama, and could continue over and over: Megyn Kelly on Monday on the British television channel NBC launched her fourth high-profile "Today" day by explaining: "The truth is that, for the moment, I'm done with politics. "

It's a good idea, I have it every day. But unfortunately this is not the reality. If you want to succeed in the peacock network, and I sincerely hope that you will succeed, you will have to reconsider your decision.

If you've seen Kelly's debut at 9 am, you might think that the former Fox News presenter, known to train with Liberal opponents and ask difficult questions to debate at The time, Donald Trump, seemed out of place in the new scourge of hugs. Surroundings where tears flow and famous guests overflowed.

I do not want to join Kelly's group. Then I will be the first to emphasize that this is not quite right.

On the one hand, left-wing media and industry critics were never going to be really objective. Everyone can recognize that she is a talented animator, but they still see her as being contaminated by Fox and all she stands for them: a "fanatic" extreme right, a group of presenters of "serious girls ", a sexism in the office. without control and a culture of sexual harassment. .

If this perception of Fox is perhaps unshakable for the moment, it is also not fair for Kelly, a former eagle-eyed defense lawyer whose rigorous journalism and willingness to counter powerful Republicans such as Trump, Newt Gingrich and even his boss, Roger Ailes, distinguish her from other members of the network.

At the same time, NBC viewers, and in particular, today's viewers, are fiercely protecting the brand and, largely thanks to the current popularity of their MSNBC cable channel, of their good faith left. Giving an opportunity to the former Fox News presenter is a difficult question posed by the people to whom the stars of the MSNBC star told them each night that Fox News viewers were racist conspiracy theorists.

It also did not help that in the run-up to Kelly's debut, the channel offered him a Sunday night program in which he interviewed prominent political figures such as Alex Jones, JD Vance and Vladimir Putin, and discusses topics such as Russian collusion. . and coal miners turned into computer programmers. It was not the way to prepare the audience at 9 o'clock. for his new morning effort outside of politics.

Much of this is out of Kelly's control. But that's not what she chooses to cover. And that's where I'll be brutally honest with Kelly, precisely because I think we need her more than ever and want her show to be successful.

Believe me, I get up every morning hoping not to have to spend all my time on politics. But as this weekend illustrates, politics is now at the rendezvous of football hurricanes, the epidemic of Emmy and opioid. Asking an audience to set aside the policy one hour a day is absolutely nostalgic.

It's also a little irresponsible. Partly because of the news of cable and those of us who have made their home in recent years, the country is more polarized than ever. Moving away from this disaster is a luxury that Megyn Kelly can not afford if she wants viewers to trust her and continue to watch her on a new platform.

I should not want to do it either. He has a unique ability to navigate partisan conversation topics to get to the heart of a problem. She is not afraid of powerful people. And she is tough without being mean or pretentious.

In addition to adding a lower fare, Kelly can cover political and important events that matter differently to those of Fox, and even those of his new colleagues in prime time. But she can not cover them at all.

Calmly guiding your new viewers through this frenetic, chaotic and often disturbing political reality in which we live is not only your talent, it's your duty.

Friday, May 17, 2019

La Alianza de Enfoque Principal in Facebook and is India, is Pakistán: Mark Zuckerberg

Muchos estados de la la la como como Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh are a part of the program and are usually used by sonic poco. Un antioxidants, Mark Zuckerberg is a Facebook account based on the first edition of the Agencia Investigación de Internet (IRA) program in Russia. UU

Facebook cuenta con herramientes de inteligencia tecnológica and miles of personas implementing en seguridad, which is the process of implementing the "envelope principal" in many languages, incomplete India, with its software, and the CEO Mark Zuckerberg. ha dicho para el 2018 que califica de "gran año", zuckerberg dijo que Facebook esta mejorando sus características para evitar que los trolls difundan información. criticized by a non-social social or social infringement of datos.
"En el elección especial del Senado de EE. UU en En el el el estón, an autonomous actor of herramientas artificial artificial elements (AI) in which Macedonia loses the intentional information about the electacre of elección. The person who is responsible for the tragedy, and "There is a penalty for 20,000 more than ten months", and Zuckerberg has lost a long period of time for a telephony.

"Here is the power of elephants in conjunction with EE .UUs are also available in India, Brasil, Mexico, Pakistán, Hungría and otros. This is an enfoque important nosotros".

Muchos estados de la la la como como Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh are a part of the program and are usually used by sonic poco. However, Zuckerberg dijo que Facebook has been established by the agency of the Internet in the Agencia Investigación (IRA, as well as in English) for the EE.

It is important to have elecciones important in the lens que nos hemos centrado. Unoscapes of the electronics in 2016, hubo electron presidencial francesa, antioxidants, such as AI publicadas, and 30,000 cuentas falsas, "he said.

These include the elecciones alemanas, the compilation of a new jaguad to the local congressional congressional local and informative sobre amenazas. "Tenemos más trabajo que hacer aqui y vamos a triangle muy duro para defenderlos contraction. Hay elecciones presidenciales mexicanas, india y Brasil, as como en Hungría, and most of them are parciales in parciales Estados Unidos, por supuesto ".

Zuckerberg señaló tres tipos diferentes de actividades que necesitaban diferentes estrategias para luchar.

"The solo-mounted hacemos for the funcionar for ellos, entrusted with an automatic cosa." Quiero decir, estos son, literalism, has a personalized effect on the electronics of Viagra en los a 90 ". "Puede atacar a ambos lados." "I'm sorry," he said.

Zuckerberg is a categorie based on son's problems, and does not have to interfere with the election rus. "There is a problem, such as debacos hacer es hacer estos malos actores ..." "I'm sorry," he said.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Shoaib Akhtar emphasized the claim of 'Batan Up' by Harbhajan Singh

Karachi: Shoaib Akhtar has rejected claims by Indian spinner Harjeel Singh that he and Ubhra Singh were killed by the former herd in the hotel room.

Akhtar explained that "I think he has made a great deal with that, yes, it happened during 2004 when we were playing a test in Rawalpindi."

Akhtar said, "Basically, we are horses around horses and some armies are boat and not all of this but sent and ULTRAVIOLET are my younger brothers.

Habib mentioned this incident during a program on a television channel in India and indicated his claim by the Pakistani media.

Akhtar also said that no competition with Indian players was always in the field and that it was not far away.

"They used to come to my room to have dinner with me together," he said. "We wanted to travel very dynamically in Islamabad," he said. "We were good friends," he said. How can I kill them?

Animeam Haq, who was a Pakistani captain in the test, confirmed that this incident started in this incident.

"But Shoaib was always calm and strong, and could have been hurt by other players even by hitting them or driving them."

Two children die on the wall of Sargodha

After the death of two children on Wednesday there was a wall of a house on Wednesday. According to the details, a damaged wall of a house located in the Jinnah colony of Sargodha fell after the rain.

Two children were trapped under the rubble that played near the scene and died before dying. The bodies were expelled from the rubble and taken to the hospital where they were handed over to the heirs after the Medical Legal Regulation.

One person died in Sargodha, seven wounded

One person died and seven were injured in a district accident on Sargodha Road in Sargodha Road on Thursday.

According to Rescue 122, a motorcycle was near an engine unit when he was traveling near the dinor. As a result, 130 falsehoods of RB of Nazir Mohammad were injured, while seven others, while Hafiz Abdul Salaisal Rashid, Imran Khan, Safdar Alam, Atta Mohammad, Bashir Babi, Shamshad Ali and Riaz B were injured.

The Supreme Court rejects its failure of the Khursheed elections to declare the revision of Samir Malik

The Supreme Court dismissed on Wednesday the request for review of Sami Malik's leader, Malik Muslim League Nawaz, which decided to cancel the district's electoral advice.

ISLAMABAD, (Urdu News / Pakistan Point News - May 30, 2018): The Supreme Court refused to review the Malik Malik leader of the Muslim League-Nawaz country on Wednesday, the decision to decide the district electoral adviser Khausab What

The bank of three members headed by Judge Mushir Alam dismissed the verdict of the request after hearing the pending cases by Mohanuddin Qazi after the request and kept the first decision.

Samira Malik directly influenced this decision

As a Supreme Court, before reaching the decision, the District Council serves as president of the Dushanbe and the post must be vacated.

Amir Haider Saga was an important petition in the Khursheed case for a second place in the district election.

A bank headed by Judge Gulzar, canceled the first decision of the Islamabad High Court to restore the official status of Osama.

The High Court of Islamabad has decided to resign in the district council for the election of the Electoral Commission of Pakistan.

In December of last year, the ECC presented the election session of the Supreme Court of the Dushanbe District Office of the District Council for more than three votes against which the politician contacted the Islamabad High Court and received a redress. .

There is no disadvantage in the political spectrum of the country because it has been consistently elected three times NCN (Khushab-i) of the National Assembly.

He defeated Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Omar Aslam Khan while taking 119,193 votes in the 2013 general election, but in 2013, the Supreme Court of Pakistan had declared a false illegal title.

Imran Khan prays on the 27th of Ramadan in Madina in prayer

The Riad (Pakistan News APP / Point - June 12, 2018) visited Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) President Imran Khan 27 Rosa Medina, Islam Ramadan (PB UH).

The president of Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) prayed with his wife in Masjid Nabi. Tomorrow will be updated.

According to the details, the president of PTI, Madina, was on the occasion of the 27th of Ramadan.

He visited Rosa الدین (PBUH) with his wife and introduced himself to Naif.

The PTI president has offered many prayers and today he will perform Umrah for Mecca today.

The video of Imran Khan's activities in Madina is being connected to social networks, where he meets his wife Bashra Menka.

Look here

Although the video was appreciated by users of social networks, they also criticized it.

Bushra Bibi offered the prayer with her husband reflects the marriage bond.

Watch the video here:

On the objective of Nishra Sando: The next spinner speaks to adopt the national and feminine team

This 20-year-old southpaw, from Lahore to Tennis Spinner, has been part of the team for the past 16 months, and has become the team's most reliable, consistent and economical player.

Sindh, 26, made 4 races at the 2017 Indian World Cup, reducing India to its lowest total in its tournament.

Sandhu had a hard and economic exhibition in New York in November 2017 in Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka in March 2018 against New Zealand. Their prices are shrinking, leading to important moments and receiving key wickets.

This quiet, uncomfortable and quiet bowler is definitely one of the emerging cables to see in the future.

I spoke of his childhood, of how he formed the national brigade, and he remained calm and how he maintained his constant and long lines against the best children in the world. .

The previous interview is translated from Urdu and has been edited for editing and explanation.

This is the third part of the series of four new two-year series of interviews with two female veterans and squads, currently playing the Twenty20 Women's Asian Cup in Malaysia from 3 to 10 of 2018. Read Part 1 and Part 2 here .

Kangana Ranaut plays a Kabaddi player in her next movie

Then wrap up his current brain high project with the next month rajkmmar Rao, kangana flirting Iyer preparation for which he is starting to work on his game controller was asked, to what he knew kabdy game Get a great workout to be. The director's preparation is known as Bareli Bariff for movies.

Said a successful film source, "The asukyny will be screened nationally by professor kubdydy champions who can handle kangana to find it." When kangana have already begun to practice yoga to master breathing

"He needs to go through a change in terms of his body, he will learn about the Kabaddi players and the different lives of their challenges."

The source said it will start in August Kangana cabinet pryps cabinet.

Says Mir Seti, I'm a soft spot for comedy

In the next Eid Fakak for 7 days in Mohabbat, we will see Sherri Mansoor in a dangerous search for love. And in this mission, you will receive an interesting woman, one of whom Marie has played.

My 7dmw described her cinematography as the first time as the movie's heroine, described as "Surestongong, Glamorous, the Rebel Princess", who loves him.

It caught my attention to talk about his day to talk about movies, characters from comedies for women and what to do in the list of what to do.

Photos: Based on what Sony has already said about what Sony said, we understand the feeling that a real Shaz axis will be fun to watch. What can you do more about your character? Is it one of the benefits of the love of patience?

Mir Sakti: I can not show it, but Princess's Honor is the classic immigrant girl who came from London to Pakistan. It reaches a peak, and suddenly he realizes that he had no idea what was waiting for him.

Sun arrives in Pakistan and knows all the people who plan it, just like our aunt and aunt and the parents are planning us. And what is that kind of hell? And in this way, he reacts in a way that the immigrant immigrant will react to the girl.

Mehra a few days ago referred to a comedy comedy 7DMI and I think it is absolutely correct.

Photos: We believe that a great demand for your role was to accelerate accent and bcc modes. How did you get this character under the skin and prepared this character? Your blood flow runs ... maybe it could be useful?

Mir: In the theater industry, the director usually says: "Yes, we want to put you", and that's it.

But for this movie, Mayon and Farad, the director told me, which I liked. He said there's a role he thinks I'm really good at, but he asked me to send the audition. So I really encouraged them and sent them a Hearing, they loved it, but they asked me this is an Aquarius movie. He told me that my difficulty was going to the pronunciation of Bradford and improve the pronunciation of English, but otherwise it was on the blackboard.

If you understand the soul of this person, then you can only have a good point of view, which is more important than the correct pronunciation in some words.

I was transferred by the amazing scripts of Faisal Bari Khan, it is very well written, and it is very nice!

Photos: You've still enjoyed this movie, which I think we've already seen that you play a comedy role in the online comedy sector. Why do you think there are small comedy characters for women?

Mir: Because in Pakistan and in many South Asian cultures, we follow the formula that if women are oppressed or face difficulties in life, only one solution can remain silent and the patient may have a problem, but sometimes not there is war. Is

Therefore, this idea of ​​'Sabar kar sabek hojaye ga' has been transferred to Pakistani drama series as a trap.

On the other hand, the comedy is missing, it's bittersweet facts. I'm excited when I make humor. It is not better to laugh at others.

Photos: Did we just talk about writing and am I thinking about writing for the screen? Comedy or otherwise?

Mir: Well, I'm still editing stories in my collection, which will come next year. They had the opportunity to leave this year, but sometimes the editing process takes longer than expected, especially when it is happenimplete book. So the next one is to adjust one of the short stories for the "Day Dream" screen.
ng across the continent. I'm taking my time with my book because it's the first!

I want to adapt one of my short stories for a big screen. I used to write short stories, it took four years and now I really wrote a co
Mir: I will make a very short film in London in September. If a good drama serial comes my way, I will.

I rejected the series of dramas last month, in which a woman blamed the man who had control over her. It was a very good channel but I did not want to present an image of another woman who thinks that the liar and the serious lies about this problem, I lied to the project.

Photos: We always ask the actors that the audience watches their movies, but I was thinking that if you can tell us what it is for you, why is my mother going to see 7 DMM?

My: my soft corner for humor as I said before, and 7 dmm is real! Spell realistic magic, as in the fastest streets of Karachi: it has never happened.

I look at Sherry, Mehra, Hina Dilpazir, B Z Zafar, Amna Elijah and Javed Sheikh Saabab.