Tuesday, June 5, 2018

After 30 years, the Australian Bluff nuclear weapons committed a homosexual error

CANBERRA, Australia - A redeemed American body based on mathematics was found based on Sydney Bullf, almost three decades later, a judge decided on Thursday that he was the victim of a gay mistake.

This was the second maritime storm - Continues with a strange sense of cut - to investigate the situation of the death of Scott Johnson in North Head on December 8, 1988.

The main colonel decided in 1989 that the 27-year-old had lost his special life, but in 2012, Caroner could not explain why Los Angeles fell directly on the gay man. State Colonel Michael Bars decided Thursday that Johnson has been "solid" for the main losers because of the real cruelty or less, who attacked him because homosexuals do it. "

John's brother, the IT business visitor from Boston, Steve Johnson, went to the court in Sydney to hear the decision. Now they need a police to deliver the massacres of their brothers.

"Now we know that Scott was killed and not only this, it was a lesbian elephant that found him in the head of the north," a 58-year-old brother-in-law told Colmist. "The test has created many leagues of many criminals, in which any case will be sought."

Baron said that Johnson's family responsibilities to "guarantee the conditions of the disaster" are widely evaluated. "

The initial test was that during the course of three months, Johnson's death did not prove that Zone was a famous lesbian, an open space where they found gay sex. This was the case in the family that had spent three young colleague who last year who was restored after a test in the year 2005, the young man who comes near Sydney sururyn gang in the 1980s deliberately lesbian men Roasted men

Bonus heard the evidence of 10 men that in the 1980s, we sent Sunni to defeat the gay hunt. All refused to approve Johnson's passage.

Barnes realized that groups of men surrounded several Sudanese areas where lesbian men knew of some murders to attack. Some of the deaths were widely reviewed.

Johnson's dressing easily fell into the highest point of view, however, his wallet was never re-rendered.

Barnes said warriors from the armed forces had to take a short walk since the homosexual defeat, where Johnson captured similar homosexual attacks.

"I will promote the essential standards that Scot has approved due to the homosexual attack." "However, criminals do not have a reliable confirmation of the difference."

The coroner rejected the suggestion to promote the criminal examination on the recommendation of the family. However, Barnes said the police would hear about any new motivation.

Scott Johnson was a PhD. Mathematics Contest at the Australian National College, which shared its opportunity between Sydney and the national capital, Canberra. He still had an amazing visa, which was currently associated with his permanent residence in Australia with his association, which now lives in Boston, with his Australian artist Aziz, Michael Nun.

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