Tuesday, June 12, 2018

After Gomo, Bano University closed fifteen doors

The administrator says that the "dynamic" activities on the university campus of the USTB do not allow the slogans to be "anti-state"
LAHORE: After failing to enter the Gomal University of Dara Ismail Khan, Chief Pashtun Tehir-e-Insaf (PTM) could not enter the entrance of the University of Science and Technology Bano (USTB), Munwar. .

According to a notification issued by the University on May 4, the admission of Manapad Papa, including its host, was celebrated. "There will be a legal action against the members / staff members that will facilitate the admission of their [fifteen years] into the university," he added.

"All activities that foment social / ethnic divisions, or against the interest of the Pakistan Federation, are prohibited in the university." It may be necessary to distribute or specialize in aspects such as staff members or students Knowledge is prohibited ", says the notification.

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