Monday, June 11, 2018

Arvind Kejriwal's incredible promise: the Head of the AAP says that Delhi will be granted the full status and that his party will campaign for the BJP.

All the progress in the assembly on Monday, Delhi's prime minister, Arvind Kejriwal, announced that Osama will play as many as the Indian party before the general election in the party in 2019.

Kejriwal said in the House: "We will make sure that every vote of Delhi is for you." "We will drive for you, if you do not give to the State of Delhi, the residents of Delhi will be put in meetings for the BJP to leave Delhi

The prime minister described Monday on the right Monday, before Delhi Vidya Sabha agreed with a consensus on the resolution of the state state of Delhi. This resolution requests the Ministry of the Interior to present a bill in Parliament so that it can obtain the full status of Delhi. As a union zone, there is only a partial state in Delhi, and the AAP government does not control the land, the Delhi police and law and order, which has control of the center. The argument of the AAP is that an elected government can not be without power.

AAA is fighting for decades, Delhi has given a state of state, which affirms that the action of the Center to stop the activities of the lieutenant general, APA that represents the central Government in Delhi. But it prevents the region and work from stopping. . After the power of the city, AAP is running on the premises with the Lieutenant Governor. Only on Monday, the Kajriwal and other ministers started a launch

Protest at the office of Lieutenant Governor Anil Bjalal - An ongoing protest on Tuesday - demanding the end of the strike of IAA officers in Delhi.

Appealing to the BJP on Monday, he said Prime Minister Narendra Modi reminded the state of Delhi of his promise before the 2014 elections. The Prime Minister said: "We have to fight for the development of our children in Delhi." I want to tell Modi that he has promised the entire state to the first Delhi in the last elections of Lok Sabha. I want to ask what was this 'jumla' (electoral meaning)? "

Kejriwal's appeal to the BJP comes at a time when the alliance between Congress and AA has been explained for the Lok Sabha elections of 2019. The BJP was also surprised to offer much to the Chief Minister of Delhi because Kejriwal has never criticized the Saffron party and its policies.

On Sunday, the head of AAP announced the campaign for full state pressure for Delhi, as part of the party's campaign for the 2019 elections. "LG, Delhi Chowo (LG, Quit Delhi)", the workers of the party of the motto will be raised in the city, whenever they are asked.

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