Monday, June 11, 2018

Barges: the elimination of the Davies Bill application by billions of votes

David Davis has told the Conservative Parliament that the entire approach to the negotiation of Britain with, at least, the threats of the EU for the amendment of this important law of rupture.

Later, the committees will vote to ask the Council Parliament about any final agreement to decide whether the EU is in the autumn.

In a letter to the Tory Parliament, Secretary Breakout said: "It is not fair" that Parliament can eliminate the result of the referendum with such a vote.

Theresa appealed to her lawyers not to leave her weak position.

Members of Parliament will be asked to approve or reject a series of amendments made to the EU bill through the Constitution of laws.

Laura Kinsenburger, political editor of the BBC, said there are still numbers "rather D.C." for the amendment of moderate vote, with the prime minister that no defeat in this important piece of legislation will send a false message to Brussels.

Including the ministers, in which Mr. Davis already supported an agreement on future traditions.

The government agreed to inform Parliament in October to discuss "traditional management" with the EU after the transmission.

Flash points before the Law of Corridors
Why is the traditional union important?
The Gray Backbone has received support from the famous Tory Parliament cross-section in any part of the break-up discussion, now backed by the House of Human Rights before the start of the call, a fully live version for the Kingdom. United. The EU left the Customs Union after that.

The European Union reimbursement is legislation intended to be transferred from the European Union, and that means that EU legislation is not solid in the United Kingdom.

To avoid the sudden "cliff flank" on the day of the day, on March 29, 2019, will also change the laws of the United Kingdom in the laws of the United Kingdom so that the government and the parliament can then decide whether to keep or change do

The House of Law has submitted 15 specific changes to the bill, but the government wants to kill most of them.

However, the numbers in the House of Commons are strong, there is no majority with the Conservatives, and the need for the support of the Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland to get away with it.

To rebel or rebel?
On Monday, the woman told her parliament that "I would think about the message that Parliament would send to the European Union this week."

"I am convinced that I can obtain a contract that allows us to deal with our commercial affairs as long as possible with the EU," he said.

"But if the leader's edition is allowed to stabilize, the communication position will weaken."

Laura Canszberg: pumpkin moment or not?
Although Parliament also seized an opportunity for the Government to reject the final rupture agreement, or some voters in Parliament will have to rely on the votes.

The media has said that there is still no decrease in the number of numbers for the "impossible vote" in this name.

And the ongoing negotiations between possible rebels to deploy their forces?

Some of them believe that they do it in the traditional problem, if their decision is correct, they have the number to defeat the government. In the last days there was a compromise on the appeals and traditions of the party.

The Council will vote in Parliament
The government is opposed to the next amendment of the law.

Provide new powers to the government to monitor EU regulations
The exact day of the break has been removed from the words on the invoice
After removing a section using ministers using secondary legislation, when people can challenge the European Union review after departure
Only the ministers use the delegated options to amend the UN law, where the "necessary"
United Kingdom-EU refers to the ministers who use the proposed powers to implement the retirement agreement
Stay in the European Economic Area, as "The purpose of negotiations" for Norway, Great Britain
Transfer the UN Charter of Basic Rights under EU law
It allows a "better verification" when the ministers delegate to change the work of the EU, the health and safety of equality, the consumer and environmental laws.

The government has proposed its own version:

If the parliament and its colleagues dismiss Barkist's final agreement, then Parliament would decide to decide
Clearly, the commitment to protect cooperation between Northern Ireland and the Republic and the commitment to a new border agreement without the agreement of the British and Irish governments
Allow people to challenge UK law if people do not act in accordance with the general principles of EU law.
After the

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