Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Commodity Politics - Shoppingers accused Nawaz Sharif of PML-N in distribution in China

LAHORE: Stores and retailers have alleged that the Muslim League (NL) PML-Nawaz (PML-N) has distributed workers in Chinese and ignored majority stores, Pakistan has learned this Sunday.
Due to the end of Aki Mandi and during the days of Eid, the availability of sugar also deteriorated. According to the stores, it is not the first time that PML-N uses the voting equipment, a similar strategy was adopted in cheap mass (cheap mass) distributed to towels and stores.
The Chinese still had little supply and people would have to buy at a cost of Rs. 80 per person. The shopkeeper said there is not enough sugar to regularize the customers. He said it means falling into other sales. "I tried to match the opportunities of the local dealer in the government rates, but they did not refuse to reject the Chinese.
Later, he gave it to another merchant, "Javed Latif added that the other stores are PPP workers and use their own political influence.They have alleged that China's delay During the time, the protesters are being discriminated against," he said. Why are the workers of the Muslim League-N only responsible and leave others? "

Another shopkeeper from Iqbal Ahmed Township said that the Jamaat-e-Jamaat group is famous for its political commitment and relationship. She was ignored in the sugar supply. Iqbal said: "One day before Eid, I went to the main distributor in the area and asked for sugar, but he refused to give the official announcement fee," Iqbal said.
"The distributor has clearly said that I have to pay extra money or without sugar." Ahmed Khan, another retailer, said: "It was not the first time the government used the power of the government to vote for the PML-N." In place of previous elections, there were many events in the past.
He said the subsidized flour only provides selected stores to verify the voters, "He added that the subsidy is being paid with government funds, he said" it was public money and our tax was collected but used to strengthen the PML- N but he did not pay attention. "
Lahore Carriers and General Merchant Associations, the president of the Muslim union, Rao Muhammad Akram Khan, said there is no sugar supply in the control rate. He said that we are not receiving sugar at the rates announced by the Government and only the "special" stores are getting it. "He added that we have faced such problems in the past and now we are ready for that in the future.

He said that not only the shopkeepers throughout the episode are painful, but also for the customers. Khan said: "Customers have to travel to specific stores to buy one or two kilograms of sugar, so their problems have increased." He also said that the availability of the main market was damaged. Meanwhile, the Chinese city of the city had little supply in the Sunday markets, and in some places people complained about low weight consumption.
"I bought a kilogram of sugar and checked it somewhere else, so I discovered that it only had 2.3 kg of sugar," said Munir Ahmad, a client at Shmalmal Sundar Market. Asghar Butt, president of the Lahore Sugar Distributors Association, said that the wholesale stores were closed due to Eid and that there were no new supplies due to the suspension of transport. The merchandise will be better than Monday (today) with the opening of wholesale stores.

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