Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Cumbre del G7: Jane Angle de Lydda Tada of Canada

The media in Canada, after the G7 summit last week, have expressed their dissatisfaction with the president of the United States, Donald Tampum, with the country's leader, Justin Toddoou.

Trampp has just published a series of tights that attack the personality of the Canadian prime minister a few hours before leaving a meeting in Canada.

He said that [he] worked so well and lightly. "Very useless and weaker."

Mr. Trudeau promised to take action against US tariffs on steel and aluminum next month.

Tweets from Mr. Trop. They published that the G7 contained direct attacks against the Canadian Prime Minister.

Some Canadian publications have returned with the organization angry.

Toronto Star said he appreciated the first part of the meeting, gave his delegation the signature of the Pioneers Final Summit, threw out his fraud and raised it. "

"He was both useless and amateur."

The newspaper said that Mr. Trope chose to "establish his facts" on tariffs and trade.

The Globe and Mail newspaper was similarly strengthened, in which "mentioning one of the most marked construction crises by a US administration against a stranger" was to mention it.

He said: "Mr. Trump has established an extraordinary head for the conference, before that, a steep rate on Canada and European Steel and Aluminum."

More than a commercial limit
What is the commercial war?
Mr. Troyo became "the most fearsome of the Donald Trap and his advisors," the French newspaper in Montreal said.

A Las Vegas newspaper, a column of La Press, said that Canada's relationship with the United States has never had so much anxiety in the modern history of the country.

According to the Electoral Commissioner, "Unlike those who have not been friends with Donald Trump Canada in recent decades."

"She does not like us well."

In the magazine's journal, Colmist Scott Gallorum emphasized that Mr. Trap "Where It Arrives" keeps his business.

Even Trudeau's political enemies have wrapped them securely: the US president's attack usually unites the combatants.

On Monday, members of the House of Commons of the House of Commons of Canada approved an initiative in support of transitory measures against the United States' meteorological tariffs and "rejection of unexploded and dangerous declarations by the embassy of the United States." USA Resist and work against the efforts to resolve this trade enters into conflict. "

The leader of the opposition Conservative Party of Canada accused the United States of "splitting speeches and personal attacks".

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