Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Donald Trap records incredible images of Muslims

Washington - The president of the United States UU., Donald Tomop, highlighted the incredible recording of the English political meeting on Wednesday that indicated that to demonstrate the cruelty of Muslims, decisions on social freedoms and overly representative of the English executive Thessalonica May.

The trip recorded the early England of Jayda Fransen, one of the recordings of the editors of visitors from the United Kingdom, whose profile was picked up by Trump.

The representative of Mayor James Skeek said that England initially saw "unusual stories that have been distributed by using hook lies and feeding pressure". "The work of this president is not correct," he said. However, May's office said the trip was not being returned to England to visit a State Trip, on a tour through the middle of the resistance legislators.

Depending on the collective tweets: "VIDEO: The Islamist crowd concludes the child from the roof and gives him life!" And "VIDEO: the virgin Virgin Mary decides!" And "VIDEO: The Muslim broadcasting domain speaks of the baby bidders!" The starting points of the recording can not be resolved immediately.

Trump offered no explanation because he wrote the recording again. White House reporter Sarah Hockey Sandend later protects her morning lines and says that "solid items and strong national security must move forward."

As the president had the responsibility to confirm the matter, the investigation said: "It's a real video, the risk is real and you're discussing the president."

Sendez said that May and other global producers realize that they are real threats. "

England is a collective meeting in which many cultural conflicts and English "Islam" have demanded. He has obtained less success in the neighbors and national decisions, and the Prophet against the development and expansion of the mosques.

The Islamic-American Chamber of Commerce held uncertain trumpet tweets. Officials on Friday said Nadad al-Adha in an announcement that "Trump" is clearly telling its base that they should hate Islam and Muslims. "

Aadhaa told Tompop in his special tweet, this year he recorded 3,296 enemies in Muslim incidents this year, but "we have not heard any dead, any president."

In a tweet, the Times said, "As part of the trap against the Muslims themselves seems to track each step - the current tweets intends to end the terrible and predictions such statements as" US jumps. . And the Muslim boycott with all varieties.

Using the CUE clicks of the paunyrd clan David Duke respect the recording said: "You will be hit by the transformers through the trumpet of white children injured in Europe tutorial, and the whites are being removed from the ceiling and I go through life, They are driving in front of us, what will not Fillony's media do? Thank God for the adjustment! That's why we like it! "

In 2013, a video showed an extremism in Egypt, a 9-year-old boy rescued from the terrace. The Egyptian army of Egypt registered the Egyptian Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi. The death penalty for the roof of the roof was later condemned to kill the child and the other man.

Another person shows: this time, Al-Qaeda's colleagues are known as the Nursing Front, with the occasion to crush a violet and white blue statue. This video appeared on the Web during the general war of October 2013 and was calculated by the Media Media Foundation Center, MERR.

The third video has indicated that two young colleagues fought near a river bank. Initially a Dutch viral video site was presented in May 2017 and the Dutch magazine was found the next day. Two teenagers of young men were arrested, as indicated by the Daily Telegraph and the police fired the video. The religion of youth was excluded in any report.

Tweets from Tampa came after two days, local military authorities said, so oval Elizabeth msascyuts San L in the attorney's office in Warren's office "pkuhantas be fun as" Native American fighters and the two real parties Government officials They presented their opinion.

The first is not the second part of the trump, which includes intense Twitter accounts, including subtle substances or publications. He has shared with his messages that they belong to the white patriot community. He responded to a protective term of protector that used to encourage online networks to think of "pajamas." An unparalleled follower believes that Democrats beat slaves sex slaves of young people who eat pizza. He has also sent the doctor's recording, which includes a sign to point him with a golf ball, pointing to Hillary Clinton.

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