Monday, June 11, 2018

E3: the last part of the Sony Playstation Part II kissed and killed

Sony has reviewed one of its most anticipated Playstation games, which has focused on two women, in which a person hangs out in the first few minutes.

The last part of the last stage of two stages is reviewed for 3 generations and follows one of the most respected games.

The footage on the game's plaque has clarified that it will be at least bloody like its predecessor.

However, a release date was not given.

Previous responses titled industry observers were mostly positive, although one reviewer of the game mentioned that the title was "the end of extreme violence".

But it was appreciated that the naughty dog ​​of the producer had a kiss.

Sports journalist Julian Rizzo - Smith told the BBC: "I think they were trying to make people know that they are different and different stories.

"If you look at your franchisees, they are now strong women leadership stories, I think you really need to standardize."

Sony also inaugurated the first game footage of his death in the full-blown title.

This game can be presented by Hyde Kozima, who was behind the first series of metal gears.

The trailer showed that it shows the character of a main star, Normen Reddy, before tracking down a group of hidden monsters following different scenes, whose presence he is taking.

Console Wars
According to the IHS Markit research firm, Sony has sold more than 76 million PlayStation 4 consoles to date.

It represents almost two folders as Microsoft's Xbox One, although it is still a little behind the PlayStation 2 telecommunications of around 158 million.

Many people believe that the success of the Japanese firm has been inspired by the popularity of its home characteristics, including the 4 horizontal zones and the untrodden warriors.

However, Microsoft is now a more powerful gaming machine in Microsoft XX X, and has announced that it has produced and produced many sports studios.

The commentator, Laura Dale, commentator for the Quotco UK news agency commented: "It is a solid library of its own that convinced people to buy their own box more than anyone else.

"PlayStation 4 often has a top-quality specialty of high quality: what is not an Xbox One.

"Therefore, this Sony is going to E3 with everything to lose since it is in a solid position, but Microsoft has a great show on Sunday."

Microsoft chose Microsoft to show almost half of the numbers.

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