Tuesday, June 5, 2018

If the United States faces a war, North Korea's action will be completely crushed.

The collected states warned North Korea's authority that it "would have ended completely", if the war ended, after the Pyongyang test, let go its most progressive rocket, within the US territory. To locate the area, CNs do not ignore security deposit resolutions. The Trump Organization has repeatedly said that all options are on the table in the management of nuclear and nuclear weapons programs of North Korea, however, despite everything, indicates the option of choice.

Speaking of a crisis, UN. The meeting of the security committee, the American minister Nikki Haley said that the collective states had never seen the war with North Korea.

"On the occasion, when the war comes, the result is that it is the result of moving the animation as we saw yesterday." "... And if the war comes, no doubt, the North Korean administration will be completely crushed."

Heli said that the states collected have demanded that China supply oil to North Korea, before neighboring Beijing-North and an important part of a major exchange, has not yet done so. Trump and Chinese President Zingingen talked with the first telephone on Wednesday.

"Chinese President Jennings has just addressed the provocative activities in North China, and additional support will be given to North Korea today, and this situation will be taken into account!" Contains Twitter in the trap.

In the past, US institutions have ignored North Korea to stop nuclear weapons and a complex rocket program. The trip, which has already been said, that the United States will have to completely destroy North Korea and "find its partners", as well as after destroying the United States in January. Pengang has also been trying to add.

China has two ways to use its use against North Korea and give maximum honor against North Korea, which has produced a small natural product up to that point.

In a statement in Missouri, Trumpp, who first spoke about the exchange of corruption with the North, North Korean pastor Low Jog attributed them to a terrible nickname.


North Korea, which led its sixth and largest test of the nuclear bomb in September, tested many ballistic rockets under a low administration.

Piangang said his weapons program is a necessary resistance against plans to attack the United States. The universal states, which are 28,500 soldiers as a legacy of 5.5 5 5 Korean War in South Korea, reject any purpose.

North Korean state media reported on Wednesday that the Provisional knyntlyntl byltstk Rocket (The CBM) was a recent move in the air car "jump forward" and that it can reduce the weight of the arms re-introduce the atmosphere

Less actually directed the rocket test and said the new launcher was "perfect". Piangang had ensured that "the long-term nuclear power of the state was a remarkable reason to complete."

The UN diplomatic neighborhood in Russia will contact North Korea to avoid its testing of weapons and the United States and South Korea will not enter the army in December because "it will increase the state of elastic state." The official newspaper of the China Daily newspaper said in a post that the Trump organization can call the most recent delivery to give the sponsorship of the North Korean name the state psychological oppression.

The newspaper said that Beijing needs to silence two "roses" and that it is a great opportunity to get in touch with "Trumpet shrink" by the Trump Organization.

"This is one of the two decisions, which has been considered with digital weapons or is a visit to visit the worst result."

From the flight

The North Korean rocket flew for more than a long time, which arrived near the sea near Japan. The images published by the state media of North Korea were shown at a rocket exhibition site, which is produced by a versatile vehicle, intended to transfer a large number of regions to enable the rocket. It was prevented from preventing him from stopping.

The kit has been developed and in its corner of control, both rockets have shown giggles among authorities and smiles. The loose self demonstrates the raising of rockets between smoke and fire, seeing at least the beach looking at it.

US experts said US investigators have stopped satellite and other information that the test rocket has not finished in a permanent position, nor the portable launcher.

One authority said the test appears to be the most intensely seen in North Korea's strong fuel-driving framework, especially its second-round rocket.

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