Monday, June 11, 2018

Misconceptions of Breakout - as seen from Brussels

"Wow", he sent me a European journalist the other day: "In general, we look at Italy for the political game and the uncertainty, but the United Kingdom is turning it into a great show".

So Britain has faced an interaction and confusion about how European relations can be made after the recess, and EU negotiators say that Britain's ruling talks and their chance to debate on their own But is forced to stand up.

An EU diplomat told me in harassment this week: "It can not work." "Theresa has a lot of anger around her neck and it's sure that one of them will hang her."

He was talking about the distribution of the Prime Minister's Cabinet, the Unionist Duke of the United Kingdom, the commercial demands of the United Kingdom, the red lines of the EU and the need to negotiate the negotiations.

"It is not unusual agreement with the European Union because it does not take time."

Eurocutts also recognizes the fact that the UK government did not respond to them, with direct voters, many of whom expect realistic about the outcome of the negotiations.

Combined False Fantasy # 1
It is possible for Britain to enjoy a mutual exchange with the EU and be free to address its business issues at the same time.
Why is not this true?

By the way, the EU, the European Union and the EU say it was designed to create a mutual exchange between Norway and its members. To get the benefit, you must be one of Guru's rules and restrictions and respect the clubs.

Note: When you are outside the club, an independent trade agreement is far from being friction free and the EU is a non-dependent, difficult and complex trade negotiation.

Common misunderstanding 2 #
In Brakech's square peak, the problem of round holes is listed here

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The government has refused to accept the specific agreement of Northern Ireland. Brussels says that traditional issues throughout the UK will not only do this.

After the crisis, Britain created a traditional plan
Brakes: important history and possible obstructions
The traditional options of the British government
In an effort to clarify something about the debate, Britain faces difficulties in the UK to withdraw Britain, to eliminate the accusations, including talks with Barack Obama, the seat of his boss, according to EU figures. Count is very passionate. Go back to the brickstick.

Your arguments:
The United Kingdom, he says, is free to choose the nature of the relationship with the EU: live or leave; after the break with the blocks, the closest conflict in arm length or the rest.

Brussels says that as long as this relationship is in accordance with European regulations and according to the wishes of the United Kingdom, it will be a treaty between the two parties.

But, emphasize Brussels, where Britain wants an agreement with the United Kingdom, there is no option to go to the Irish border.

In December, the United Kingdom and the EU signed to ensure that the Irish border will be re-entered on Friday.

This is the largest red line for the EU. All your passionate members are in agreement.

And while future relations between the EU and the United Kingdom remain hungry and unwanted, Brussels will emphasize the unlimited and solid backing of a moment to ensure that it is the last resort and the last resort. What is happening in the negotiation process, there is no new narrow limit.

And that's more confusing at the moment, so stay in your seat.

The government of the United Kingdom is also talking about a support agreement, but it can be administered in a personalized way for the whole UK on the traditional agreement and after the operation.

It will not reduce exuberance with the EU more than just Ireland.

Then, when and when the UK government finally converts the wishes of the EU and UK ties, the warning from Brussels is to pay attention to the Irish border, whatever it agrees with still remains. It can be destroyed.

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