Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Paul Manafort, a former Trump campaign assistant, is accused of manipulating witnesses

  • The US prosecutor has accused Donald Tomop's former campaign manager, Paul Mannov, to try to remove possible witnesses before his trial.

US prosecutors indicted the former campaign manager of Donald Trumpp,

Paul Monnoff, trying to face potential witnesses before his trial.

Robert Moeller, who is investigating the alleged Russian electoral intervention, Mr. Mannnaf had contacted his people about the case of money laundering and tax fraud.

69, Mr. Mananov, denies all the accusations.

They are not linked to the debris accusations between the Russian campaign and Trump's during the US elections.

Mr. Tampamp refused to lose a ruin and constantly talked about a witch hunt.

Mananov's first trial, charges for money laundering and illegal lobbying, will begin in September.

Trump: I have the right to be selfish
He paid a travel lawyer from Ukraine to arrange the White House conversation
Who is Mananfarer to contact?
According to Mr. Mueller's movement, Mr. Mananaf tried to communicate with the Witnesses who could be asked to testify about an illegal lobby that had allegedly been denounced by the former Russian government of Ukraine. .

It is said that they obtained a million dollars, which could strengthen the credibility of the government in Europe and the United States, but they did not register.

The fiscal judge provided this year a summary of the contact with potential witnesses between February and April of this year.

Communications had to "influence his testimony and conceal evidence," he wrote in a separate announcement filed in the FBI's Brok Domains Special Court.

Will Mananfarf go to jail?
Mr. Mueller's judge has requested this change, or ignores the minimum launch terms.

Mr. Mananfarer, who resigned as President of the Trump Campaign in August 2016, is under house arrest after accusations last October.

His reaction was not to go immediately to the new accusations of falsification of witnesses.

His second case, allegations of tax fraud, will begin next month.

How is the development of Mueller's primary research?
A special inquiry is being investigated that there is no confusion between Russia and the Trump campaign, and the president tried to stop the barriers in the investigation after the illegal elections.

Mr. Tomomal, the director of the FBI, James Comy, was deported last May.

What makes a special council?
Russia-Trump: Who participates in the drama, to finish all the works?
You must know about the investigation
16 Russian people and institutions have been condemned for electoral intervention.

The former administration employee and streetcar campaign accused by Mueller includes former national security adviser to President Michael Fill, Rick Gates, president of a former campaign of deputies, and former foreign policy adviser, George Papadopoulos.

Like Mr. Mananfarer, he does not blame for traveling with Russia. On the contrary, he has made the matter with prosecutors and is cooperating with basic research.

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