Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Says Mir Seti, I'm a soft spot for comedy

In the next Eid Fakak for 7 days in Mohabbat, we will see Sherri Mansoor in a dangerous search for love. And in this mission, you will receive an interesting woman, one of whom Marie has played.

My 7dmw described her cinematography as the first time as the movie's heroine, described as "Surestongong, Glamorous, the Rebel Princess", who loves him.

It caught my attention to talk about his day to talk about movies, characters from comedies for women and what to do in the list of what to do.

Photos: Based on what Sony has already said about what Sony said, we understand the feeling that a real Shaz axis will be fun to watch. What can you do more about your character? Is it one of the benefits of the love of patience?

Mir Sakti: I can not show it, but Princess's Honor is the classic immigrant girl who came from London to Pakistan. It reaches a peak, and suddenly he realizes that he had no idea what was waiting for him.

Sun arrives in Pakistan and knows all the people who plan it, just like our aunt and aunt and the parents are planning us. And what is that kind of hell? And in this way, he reacts in a way that the immigrant immigrant will react to the girl.

Mehra a few days ago referred to a comedy comedy 7DMI and I think it is absolutely correct.

Photos: We believe that a great demand for your role was to accelerate accent and bcc modes. How did you get this character under the skin and prepared this character? Your blood flow runs ... maybe it could be useful?

Mir: In the theater industry, the director usually says: "Yes, we want to put you", and that's it.

But for this movie, Mayon and Farad, the director told me, which I liked. He said there's a role he thinks I'm really good at, but he asked me to send the audition. So I really encouraged them and sent them a Hearing, they loved it, but they asked me this is an Aquarius movie. He told me that my difficulty was going to the pronunciation of Bradford and improve the pronunciation of English, but otherwise it was on the blackboard.

If you understand the soul of this person, then you can only have a good point of view, which is more important than the correct pronunciation in some words.

I was transferred by the amazing scripts of Faisal Bari Khan, it is very well written, and it is very nice!

Photos: You've still enjoyed this movie, which I think we've already seen that you play a comedy role in the online comedy sector. Why do you think there are small comedy characters for women?

Mir: Because in Pakistan and in many South Asian cultures, we follow the formula that if women are oppressed or face difficulties in life, only one solution can remain silent and the patient may have a problem, but sometimes not there is war. Is

Therefore, this idea of ​​'Sabar kar sabek hojaye ga' has been transferred to Pakistani drama series as a trap.

On the other hand, the comedy is missing, it's bittersweet facts. I'm excited when I make humor. It is not better to laugh at others.

Photos: Did we just talk about writing and am I thinking about writing for the screen? Comedy or otherwise?

Mir: Well, I'm still editing stories in my collection, which will come next year. They had the opportunity to leave this year, but sometimes the editing process takes longer than expected, especially when it is happenimplete book. So the next one is to adjust one of the short stories for the "Day Dream" screen.
ng across the continent. I'm taking my time with my book because it's the first!

I want to adapt one of my short stories for a big screen. I used to write short stories, it took four years and now I really wrote a co
Mir: I will make a very short film in London in September. If a good drama serial comes my way, I will.

I rejected the series of dramas last month, in which a woman blamed the man who had control over her. It was a very good channel but I did not want to present an image of another woman who thinks that the liar and the serious lies about this problem, I lied to the project.

Photos: We always ask the actors that the audience watches their movies, but I was thinking that if you can tell us what it is for you, why is my mother going to see 7 DMM?

My: my soft corner for humor as I said before, and 7 dmm is real! Spell realistic magic, as in the fastest streets of Karachi: it has never happened.

I look at Sherry, Mehra, Hina Dilpazir, B Z Zafar, Amna Elijah and Javed Sheikh Saabab.

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