Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Senior prosecutor of Cyprus thought that Russia received private instructions

A position among the highest prosecutors in Cyprus has clearly presented private developments and figures to the Russian authorities, to influence the United Nations, United Nations Unions of the United Nations There have been additional problems on the efforts made by Carmen.

Private messages distributed at the end of the week were offered a secret secretariat in the event of secretly withdrawing the protest, demonstrating the existence of a high level legal adviser in the Cyprus law enforcement office.

Eleni Lozdo's private messages, as a result, were filled in as a general advocate and once the Greek Greek secretariat diary was split, he was nominated for a seat in the European Court of Human Rights. .

The revelations alleged that Lozzy had repeatedly offered to intervene in the procedure for the Russians.

Coming from Watchman, Lozzy has denied by mistake and said he was "well exposed" to Russian relations, as he was to American and English colleagues.

He stressed that he had a responsibility to educate remote data partners in the cases of elimination and show only specific messages to showcase his case with Russia.

"It's an association and I think I'm very good at my activities," he said. "I did not receive any offer from Russia, except for exceptions for extraordinary visas and small chocolates, I never have an expensive taste cost, my compensation is € 4,000 per month."

In an email exchange in 2013 between Lozzy and Vladimir Zerie, leader of the branch run by the Russian attorney general, Lozdude signaled an "exquisite residence" during his stay in Moscow. He said that although they offer an offer of occupation, if they open enough to open the Russians in secret about suspicious matters.

For another situation, Luizevo is expected to discuss a situation so that Russian specialists can have more opportunities for the transfer of justice and an easy record. Alternative Alternative Email has shown offered bits to know how to help Russia in case the case has been misused legally in any case.

Cyprus and belongs to Carmel, especially in the management of the account division, where it has been seen as an illegal tax avenues center, is currently a child of the European Union.

On Monday, Cyprus's lawyer, General Costa Clarides, announced that they requested a disciplinary test on Russian claims and will discuss Lozda's divisional division in different offices. Similarly, he needed a police examination about the removal of his messages, which could be seen as a criminal.

Lozzy told Gatekoper that he should be the target of the obvious trick of his private messages, and said he ignored any alarm that was recorded by his business, in connection with the end of Russia's end until the end of Russia. . Lozzy has pointed out more late comments, in which it was incredible for the election of Interpol, who had occupied a "busy" occupation.

He said that such elections can be ordered by the courts.

His position impressed the suggestion that the interpol's answer could not be asked if it was an important reaction to the withdrawal of the capital to stop the bill. She has been accused of being accused of abuse in Russia and is a serious observer of Vladimir Putin. The bourgeoisie of the fighter has political motivations in America and Europe.

Russia and Cyprus have been captured on a political front during a bourreer exam. The administration in Cyprus was cooperating with Russian prosecutors in their efforts to find issues related to their money. In any case, a judge in Cyprus intervened for a long time and the legislation participated until the court controlled a case of a bourgeois barrier group that Carmel actively actively politically was encouraged

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