Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Shoaib Akhtar emphasized the claim of 'Batan Up' by Harbhajan Singh

Karachi: Shoaib Akhtar has rejected claims by Indian spinner Harjeel Singh that he and Ubhra Singh were killed by the former herd in the hotel room.

Akhtar explained that "I think he has made a great deal with that, yes, it happened during 2004 when we were playing a test in Rawalpindi."

Akhtar said, "Basically, we are horses around horses and some armies are boat and not all of this but sent and ULTRAVIOLET are my younger brothers.

Habib mentioned this incident during a program on a television channel in India and indicated his claim by the Pakistani media.

Akhtar also said that no competition with Indian players was always in the field and that it was not far away.

"They used to come to my room to have dinner with me together," he said. "We wanted to travel very dynamically in Islamabad," he said. "We were good friends," he said. How can I kill them?

Animeam Haq, who was a Pakistani captain in the test, confirmed that this incident started in this incident.

"But Shoaib was always calm and strong, and could have been hurt by other players even by hitting them or driving them."

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