Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The Muslim population of Europe should not develop: consider

The Muslim populations of Europe will continue to grow for a long time, regardless of whether the transfer of land should be left at all times, as indicated in an examination on Thursday.

The report of the Set Industry Center intends to remain in Europe in 2050 to check the number of Muslims in all three cases. Each of the three has used the bank at the level of 25.8 million in 2016 in mid-2016, but the expected future transfer rate is expected.

According to the report, under "zero transfer situation," there will be a population of Lakh Muslims for every penny of Europe's population by 2050. Experts said that analysts said the fact is that Muslims are more than 13 years old many Europeans, and more than all those who are born. The research has estimated that 58.8 million Muslims will represent 11.2 for every cent of the public, which has changed the change in "normal speed" in a situation of "medium movement". Scientists have encouraged him especially for money, instructions and family reasons. No shelter seeks refuge.

In the situation of "High Movement", the study is expanding so that the record transmission of those who arrived in Europe in 2015 and 2016 will certainly be transmitted, to approximately 75 million Muslims in Europe, to increase every 14 of the problem. Century.

Of course, despite most transitions, even Muslims "will not allow Christians" effectively "to Muslims compared to the population of two Christians and people with religion in Christians."

After the new floods of 2015 and 2016, Muslim residents have had a politically sensitive vision in Europe. In recent years, some countries have seen hostile hostages attack the combatants against the messages of Islam.

Exam information and review in the exam, population register, movement information and various sources. 30 countries included it besides Norway and Switzerland to 28 EU members.

As indicated in the seat report, not all nations would be equally affected by the future movement. In the changing situation, in Germany and Sweden, it will be the biggest increase in the fact that two countries have already taken homeless people to shelters two years ago, among the highest levels of the hunger strike. We were there

A year before Germany, Germany will get 6 for every penny of the population, until 2050 for every penny in 2050. Muslims in Sweden, which were 8 for every penny in 2016, would represent 31 for each cheese in the public. In this situation.

At that time, some countries that had occupied 2,000 Muslims in 2016 will live until 2050 in each of the three situations. Bali flights continue, but electric flights continue, while Carnasium, Indonesia continues on an anxiety journey. Indonesia - After the air flights every day, the air terminal has not yet restarted the liquid magnetic source, near a wind near the air on a neighboring island of Indonesia, near Thursday, the demonstration of powder dust transmission In the plane to the dust.

After the weekend of Mount Ending, the volcano is expanding between the flames and black shadows of steam, and at night, a red-red sensor shines like the well of Mahjama.

The terminal of the Bali airport closed Monday night on Monday, a charming resort was reinforced by a series of researchers on the island, as well as its Hindu culture, the surf beach and the rich interior. After the rest of the unsafe ferry settlements, their restoration has changed, however, even on the night of any night, unless most of the Bloomk Islands are facing the threat.

Jetter, of Australia, said Friday that he will wait for 16 flights from Bali, more than expected, which will take around 3,500 Australian homes. Two South Korean planes said they were sending a contract on Friday, Bali and another to Sobabaya on the neighboring island of Java, which have been traveling and transported by a few passengers, to pick up 700 Koreans. For

The figures for the air terminal were around 16600 passengers, showing 23 flights for the maximum number of households. The incoming flights included a Singapore race with only two passengers.

Lava was suffering less in the fiery spring. The column's relief office said that the powder guardian was toasting about 2,000 meters on the ferries, he had a large portion of the previous length. When the dust leaves the mountain, it has reached the situation of 7,600 meters, which represents the risk of an airplane.

Despite all the tragic things for the airport terminal in Bali, the flights are not likely to return to the general level and adjust by slugg or any other capacity.

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