Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The opposition decided to have an emergency as a guarantee of the success of the emergency

After voting four days later on the Presidential Decision, Honduras had sunk in more emergency on Friday, no clear championship was found, and moderate opponents applicable to the United States. UU About the Voting Discussed, a television has shown an entertaining entertainment. After Sunday's decision, President Juan Orlando Hernández and his television star Challengeon, Salvador Nasralal, initially supported the resistance of the resistance, but after that the weapons passed after the investigation.

The world's growing worldwide emergency has raised concerns around the world, requiring the most important killings worldwide.

On Wednesday, the US State Division. UU He quickly concluded in a local area instead of voting in Honduras, one of Washington's close military and ideological partners.

The Associations of the American States (Eva) realized that the verdict of the verdict on Wednesday showed that the controversy was indicated by the two controversies, which resulted in the final outcome of the review.

After a few hours, Nesla, who remained in the first five-point leadership, rejected the AA agreement, which mentioned that her opponents tried to return them. And he urged followers to protect his victory in the capital, Tegucigalpa.

After Wednesday, the police finished the poisonous gas to target the Nazarah supporters gathered outside the court where the vote was being examined. After the television images were published, the building was entered. On Monday, the Council divided a large part of the results, which resulted in a 36-hour impact that resulted in an impression.

On the occasion, when control began again, Nasir began to liberate Nazarah. The court said that despite the vote of 82.89 percent, Hernandez of the Middle East obtained 42.2 percent, while Nasrah had 42.1 percent.

The fourth time again the check ended on Wednesday night, and the court shielded itself by mistake for PC. Nursal, head of the right ally of the left, said: "They take us to the limit and they need to carry our success". "Files marked with AAA today have no legitimacy."

The AAA reported on the withdrawal of its pact with the disintegration and promised that it would continue working for a single result.

Global observers said that the messages were damaged by the accuracy of the specialists, and the games of chance to reduce the loyalty of the winner.

In front of the race, the SPAPO survey shows that the poorest people liked it most to win over 9 million people in the US nation.

Nursala is one of the famous names of Honduras and is supported by former President Manol Zelah, a liberal proposed by the proposal proposed in 2009 in reference to his resignation.

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