Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The policy monitors the anniversary of the earthquake

Port-a-Prince-Haitian was targeting an earthquake Tuesday on Tuesday, because of this, a series of reports could have been politically miserable after the elections.
Former US President Bill Clinton, who is helping to manage international construction efforts, expected to participate in the celebrations of ceremonial ceremonial anniversary, in which 220,000 were killed and the poorest of Western Twilight. Launch the country. The earthquake will take place at 4:53 AM instead of four o'clock on Wednesday, although religious services will be held on the same day at Portland I Prince Church. But the democratic political uncertainty of the country can control the birthday.
A diplomatic source from the afternoon has said that the international observers from the US states. UU (OAA) want the candidates of the ruling party to take a step in eliminating the tension of the armed forces in the Haitian presidential elections. It may be Western embassies say that this report can not be published yet, which results in President Ren Pargoll implementing the electoral interests to change. But after the announcement of last month's announcement last month, a five-year resident has said that the primary-endorsement candidate to emphasize Javed Selstein is to abandon the previous polls.

The diplomatic source, which is a diplomatic source, will not be identified, it is said that the paral was very angry but at the cave. "It will be very difficult to ignore this recommendation."
On November 28 in Haiti, the first round of voting could not be a clear winner. Selenstein was awarded second place, which was in line with third place candidates, a popular singer named Mile Martial Marlly. But Marilyn has been accused of cheating, which is an election plan on January 16 against the first Maryland Magnet candidate, may be delayed, perhaps until February. According to the diplomatic source, the OAS - which was called to overcome conflicts - would recommend that Marilyn, Celestin, join the decisive voting round. Peru refused to comment Monday on Monday, which had not received it yet. But he insisted that it corresponds to Haiti's own electoral commission to accept or reject the results of the AAA. However, it has been confirmed that due to the electoral dispute, on February 7 will end effectively.
A law passed in May 2010 allows that if the paragraph is not in the election, it is usually selected when planning to take action. "I want to leave on February 7, but what happened with the protest, will not be the president elected on this date," he said. Haiti will face the political crisis of many decades, but the last thing is that the weapons say they need a strong government to get the knees out of the country after the earthquake. However, the external pressure on the electoral process means that by subordinating the people, their politicians have begun to sharpen their disorder and the horse trade.

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