Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The purpose of the political representation of the Trans Community is: Report

Islamabad: According to a report in the local media, the first time in Pakistan, the election to represent and participate in the electoral process of the InterSex community is a manifesto.

The title "Transgender and Interxex Community Election Manifesto 2018" was developed by the manager's transaction, as well as by the sister who works for the protection and protection of the transgender and intersex community after consulting with partners and some political parties. Sister Alliance

The manager promised to solve the problems related to the Transportation Community to listen to his voice on the national platform before the 2018 elections.

It strives to work to win equitable participation in the electoral process to strengthen the community at the provincial and federal levels, to ensure discrimination and equality equal to other objectives. The protester claims that it offers a unique opportunity to further promote his democratic transition to the country.

Total 33 demands and recommendations such as statue and weak position, have different minorities to review the constitution and legal instruments, have been recorded in this document. This list also includes permission from the community to stop political protesters and participate in general politics. Elections also include direct demands of competition.

Reader Naseem said that the Transgender and InterSex Community Election Manifesto 2018 is expected to "start this weekend."

Naseem added that the Transgender Elections Network has been established to ensure the equal participation of the community in the next general elections.

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