Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The Supreme Court rejects its failure of the Khursheed elections to declare the revision of Samir Malik

The Supreme Court dismissed on Wednesday the request for review of Sami Malik's leader, Malik Muslim League Nawaz, which decided to cancel the district's electoral advice.

ISLAMABAD, (Urdu News / Pakistan Point News - May 30, 2018): The Supreme Court refused to review the Malik Malik leader of the Muslim League-Nawaz country on Wednesday, the decision to decide the district electoral adviser Khausab What

The bank of three members headed by Judge Mushir Alam dismissed the verdict of the request after hearing the pending cases by Mohanuddin Qazi after the request and kept the first decision.

Samira Malik directly influenced this decision

As a Supreme Court, before reaching the decision, the District Council serves as president of the Dushanbe and the post must be vacated.

Amir Haider Saga was an important petition in the Khursheed case for a second place in the district election.

A bank headed by Judge Gulzar, canceled the first decision of the Islamabad High Court to restore the official status of Osama.

The High Court of Islamabad has decided to resign in the district council for the election of the Electoral Commission of Pakistan.

In December of last year, the ECC presented the election session of the Supreme Court of the Dushanbe District Office of the District Council for more than three votes against which the politician contacted the Islamabad High Court and received a redress. .

There is no disadvantage in the political spectrum of the country because it has been consistently elected three times NCN (Khushab-i) of the National Assembly.

He defeated Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Omar Aslam Khan while taking 119,193 votes in the 2013 general election, but in 2013, the Supreme Court of Pakistan had declared a false illegal title.

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