Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Young Rohingya as young as 12 forced to marry just to get food

The young Rohingya women who have escaped from Myanmar are being emphasized in marriage when they can get more stability for themselves and their families so that Bangladesh can take ownership of theirs.

Westston has learned that, with the acquisition of the United Nations Global Security Program distributed by the family unit, to encourage young 12-year-old women and reduce new parts of MQI Youth is offered More than 700,000 Rohingya escaped from Myanmar because this year a year ago the army launched a "freedom process". After the second wave in August, around 600,000 have moved, in what the UN has declared "racial bacteria." The security forces have been accused of massive attack and execution.

In Bangladesh, surgeons say that young women suffer from sexual worry in Myanmar's Rhinestone state.

In any case, in Cook's bazaar camps, they are unfortunate as an early marriage, causing physical and mental harm.

"When they stopped me, I could not develop," the army said. Fifth 14, he entered Bangladesh for a long time and was recently his first child.

"I could not understand what happened, and I became powerful and I did not eat anything, I did not tell anyone and nobody knew what I think." Young women clearly after four or five years of their term. But do not end the boyfriend. This is the fact that we are strong enough to understand things in life and have the opportunity to develop long and beautiful.

"I wish I could spend some energy without a wife and a son, life was very good right now."

Watchman also addressed twelve young high school students who were married or married to camps or whose colleagues were looking for wives for them at this time.

Early marriage began in the group of people from Rohingya in Myanmar, while young women said that the proportion of glasses was a central point to eliminate the camps. Depending on the size of the general family of five families assigned to 25 kg of rice in regular breaks, but many families are large. Marim, September 14, stole Bangladesh in September. The fact is that he lost three weeks later. "Everything was eating in the city." As we ran in front of the general population, I was completely shot. "

Mohammad Hussain recently married his 14-year-old daughter, Arafat. "We have 10 close relatives, seven little girls, and we take 25 kilograms of tea every two weeks, not enough for a group of 10," he said.

"Clearly on the occasion that I will live in Rakhine, I will marry my little girl, run with three parts of the earth, continue with him, stay at home or give more help to families and remote neighbors, we can not do this here."

Arafah did not meet her soulmate, who was "more established than more than 20", however, she saw him outside the yard and was convinced that she was "a decent man".

"I think he's going to be brave." "In my house I do everything for my people and my sisters, then it's my education".

Only one of her younger days of young women was aware of her soul mate, and each of the young women who were officially retiring said she knew nothing about sexuality.

"My people gave me a better half because they did not resist, when they took me away, I think my better half would promote me, I could not understand that [private relations] Depending on what they will do." Fatima, 12, said when they took her out.

Front - A Camp Miguel - Grupo Pagado Mohammad said that tutors prefer to introduce their young daughters, but they need to eat. "

WFP said that for the last visit to the distribution division, it increased its evaluation for groups of more than 8 people. The first representative said that there was an impossible relationship between tyranny and proportion. In any case, in relation to the discovery of Gateper's discoveries, the association said it would diagnose with the other CN offices that are involved with the tick insurance.

Habibur Rahman, director of the brakes program of the Bangladesh philosophy, said the jirga works with families, saying that the young women they were promoting were "deeply concerned".

"Get a family unit are two relations card of eight, but a family card with seven.Therefore, it can be offered to a talk young woman because the risk of child marriage and This means that each person will receive all kinds of salary.

"Young women and young women are especially dangerous for homeless camps

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