Thursday, August 1, 2019

I'm sorry, Megyn Kelly, you can not avoid politics: it's your strength and your responsibility in this crazy world.

Politics Day: Continued President Trump's War Against NFL Anthem Protests, Republicans' Failure on Health Care, New Travel Ban, North Korean Belligerent Smarties Elections will arrive in Alabama, and could continue over and over: Megyn Kelly on Monday on the British television channel NBC launched her fourth high-profile "Today" day by explaining: "The truth is that, for the moment, I'm done with politics. "

It's a good idea, I have it every day. But unfortunately this is not the reality. If you want to succeed in the peacock network, and I sincerely hope that you will succeed, you will have to reconsider your decision.

If you've seen Kelly's debut at 9 am, you might think that the former Fox News presenter, known to train with Liberal opponents and ask difficult questions to debate at The time, Donald Trump, seemed out of place in the new scourge of hugs. Surroundings where tears flow and famous guests overflowed.

I do not want to join Kelly's group. Then I will be the first to emphasize that this is not quite right.

On the one hand, left-wing media and industry critics were never going to be really objective. Everyone can recognize that she is a talented animator, but they still see her as being contaminated by Fox and all she stands for them: a "fanatic" extreme right, a group of presenters of "serious girls ", a sexism in the office. without control and a culture of sexual harassment. .

If this perception of Fox is perhaps unshakable for the moment, it is also not fair for Kelly, a former eagle-eyed defense lawyer whose rigorous journalism and willingness to counter powerful Republicans such as Trump, Newt Gingrich and even his boss, Roger Ailes, distinguish her from other members of the network.

At the same time, NBC viewers, and in particular, today's viewers, are fiercely protecting the brand and, largely thanks to the current popularity of their MSNBC cable channel, of their good faith left. Giving an opportunity to the former Fox News presenter is a difficult question posed by the people to whom the stars of the MSNBC star told them each night that Fox News viewers were racist conspiracy theorists.

It also did not help that in the run-up to Kelly's debut, the channel offered him a Sunday night program in which he interviewed prominent political figures such as Alex Jones, JD Vance and Vladimir Putin, and discusses topics such as Russian collusion. . and coal miners turned into computer programmers. It was not the way to prepare the audience at 9 o'clock. for his new morning effort outside of politics.

Much of this is out of Kelly's control. But that's not what she chooses to cover. And that's where I'll be brutally honest with Kelly, precisely because I think we need her more than ever and want her show to be successful.

Believe me, I get up every morning hoping not to have to spend all my time on politics. But as this weekend illustrates, politics is now at the rendezvous of football hurricanes, the epidemic of Emmy and opioid. Asking an audience to set aside the policy one hour a day is absolutely nostalgic.

It's also a little irresponsible. Partly because of the news of cable and those of us who have made their home in recent years, the country is more polarized than ever. Moving away from this disaster is a luxury that Megyn Kelly can not afford if she wants viewers to trust her and continue to watch her on a new platform.

I should not want to do it either. He has a unique ability to navigate partisan conversation topics to get to the heart of a problem. She is not afraid of powerful people. And she is tough without being mean or pretentious.

In addition to adding a lower fare, Kelly can cover political and important events that matter differently to those of Fox, and even those of his new colleagues in prime time. But she can not cover them at all.

Calmly guiding your new viewers through this frenetic, chaotic and often disturbing political reality in which we live is not only your talent, it's your duty.

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